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Transtechnica Fluid Control & Sealing 2001 Ltd . is a technical supply company, representing ,in Israel,worldwide well known brands. The company is focused on the supply and after sale services of sealing products, both static and dynamic, special piping products for the Chemical, Bio-chemical and energy systems. Transtechnica is also an important supplying company for control equipment for extreme working conditions. Apart from stocking a wide variety of the products of its principals, Transtechnica also keeps generous stocks of spare parts to ensure the best possible service to its customers.
Transtechnica Fluid Control & Sealing Ltd. Is far from being a mere commercial company by owning the capacities to produce and cut to size gaskets from a large variety of sheet materials, To end-fit hoses made of Rubber, Silicon, Teflon, Stainless steel and others, to end – fit expansion joints made of SS , PTFE or RUBBER and to overhaul valves ,steam traps ,and various other piping components. Its own workshop is well equipped with TIG welding machines. Lathes, crimping machines ,Teflon flaring equipment ,cutting presses etc.
Transtechnica Fluid Control & Sealing Ltd. Is operating acc to the quality rules of ISO 9000 and is approved as such by the Israeli standardization institute.

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Klinger Dictungstechnik GmbH

Sealing materials made of compound materials ,famous by their brand names:KLINGERsil,KLINGERtop-chem,KLINGERsoft-chem,KLINGERtop-graph,KLINGERtop-sil

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Klinger Limited

Spiral wound gaskets,Metal Jacketed gaskets,RTJ gaskets,Sirrated gaskets,Flange insulating sets.

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Gestra AG

Steam traps,Non return valves,Control(level,temperature,pressure,turbidity,conductivity),Steam Driers & Purifiers, Complete systems for feed water deaeration,condensate return,pure steam production and others.

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Witzenmann GmbH

Well known by its brand name HYDRA Metal expansion joints,Metal bellows,Metal hoses,spring hangers and supports and various sliding pipe supports.

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Crane Resistoflex GmbH

World leading manufacturer of Thermoplastic lined pipes and fittings,as well as of PTFE (Teflon) flexibles in the shape of Chemical and Industrial hoses and Expansion joints which are being partially assembeled in our workshop.

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LBH International A/S

Fast growing and innovative manufacturer of composite fabrics expansion joints for gaseous fluids at extreme and moderate temperatures.

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Kempchen GmbH

A Klinger group company specializes in the design and production of sofisticated and special gaskets like metal reinforced elastomeric gaskets,metal clad gaskets,RTJ and many others.

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Roten srl

High quality mechanical seals,designed and produced by one of Europes oldest manufacturers ,who enjoys the advantage of possessing its own carbon and carbon composites production.

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Producers and developers of high quality loading arms for a broad range of applications like fuel oils,LPG,hot liquids,chemicals etc.

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Aflex Hose Ltd

A world wide leading manufacturer of PTFE hoses ,both smooth and corrugated .Quick and reliable supply from our work shop is guarranteed.

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Venair Iberica

Well known manufacturer of Silicon hoses for the food and pharmaceutical industry,having an additional broad range of special hoses for abrasive fluids,sport cars,heavy machinery and others.

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A world wide leading manufacturer of rubber hoses for a broad range of application:Food grade ,Hydraulic hoses,Chmical hoses and various industrial hoses.

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Dantec Ltd

Dantec Ltd. has developed and is manufacturing a broad range of COMPOSITE hoses made of compositions of different polymeric fabrics ,compressed between inner and outer springs. This special construction enable the adaptation of these hoses to almost any application .The hoses are very light ,flexible and easy to handel.

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Zetkama is a fast growing ,high quality ,Bellow Sealed Valves manufacturer ,possessing its own foundry. In addition to the bellow sealed valves ,ZETKAMA is producing strainers,non return valves,float valves,butterfly valves,flow control valves for aircoditioning systems and automatic deaerating valves for water systems.

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