Transtechnica Fluid Control & Sealing 2001 Ltd has been supporting and serving industry in Israel since 1958.
During its many years of operation, the Company acquired extensive experience regarding the needs of its customers and adapting the product portfolio.
Our Company has been granted ISO9001:2015 quality certification by the Standards Institution of Israel.
Our company has an uncompromising commitment to provide its customers with the right products for their requirements, and provide them with high-level technical engineering advice.
Transtechnica Ltd is a subsidiary of Hameichal Steam Boiler Manufacturers Ltd. a manufacturer of steam boilers.
The Company represents leading well-known international manufacturers in the market, in the following areas:
Flexible hoses made of rubber, silicon, stainless steel, Teflon and composite materials, expansion joints for vibration absorption and thermal expansion of pipelines, piston valves for steam and thermal oil systems, blower sealing valves, return valves, steam traps, safety valves, sealing panels, sealing ropes, mechanical seals, Teflon-coated hoses for the chemical industry, filler arms, controlled valves, controllers and electrodes for command systems, industrial silencers, glass level gauges, magnetic level gauges. Transtechnica has a production floor for assembling flexible hoses and producing gaskets of various types.

Flexible hoses

Expansion joints

Energy and steam systems

Control devices

Sealing and insulation gaskets

Industrial devices