Hameichal Steam Boiler Manufacturers Ltd. manufactures steam boilers since the year 1949 for capacities of up to 22 tons/hour of steam at pressures of up to 25 bars  In addition, the plant’s production floor is capable of manufacturing dished-heads for pressure tanks of up to 4500 mm in diameter, with a thickness of up to 25 mm. A combination of software developed in-house, and advanced drawing software makes it possible to issue detailed drawings to the production floor and ensures high traceability and a high level of quality in all stages of production.

All the welds made at the plant are x-rayed or US and documented. The boiler inspections and documentation are carried out in accordance with the most stringent standards for the production of pressure boilers, by a local team of engineers and by the Standards Institution of Israel. This process uncompromisingly ensures the quality and safety levels of steam boilers manufactured by Hameichal.

Hameichal Steam Boiler

Hameichal Steam Boiler Manufacturers Ltd.is certified by the Standards Institution of Israel for the production of steam boilers and pressure tanks according to SII Specification 430 and complies with the ISO 9000:2000 quality standard.

All the processes at the plant are carried out in accordance with the requirements of these standards.