Transtechnica’s production department is one of the oldest production departments in its field!

  • Our employee team has been with the company for over 20 years

  • We serve hundreds of customers from leading companies in the economy

  • We work in accordance with ISO 9001/2015 and have special certification to manufacture for Israel’s leading defense companies

  • We make hoses assembling according to size, welding, ripening, flanges, edges and more

  • We represent Europe’s leading hoses manufacturers!

  • Our quality assurance manager and company engineer carry out rigorous quality tests

  • Our production plans are made and scheduled according to predetermined priorities and in accordance with with the customer’s needs

  • Once the customer’s requirement is fulfilled and before packing, another pre-delivery quality inspection is carried out

Gasket Production Department:

  • Transtechnica’s Gasket Production Department has been in existence for around 25 years and produces various types of gaskets

  • We represent Klinger group, the international leader in its field

  • We manufacture standard sizes in bulk quantities according to the customer’s requirements

  • We are able to produce special gaskets with special dimensions manually, according to drawings ןn the future with CNC machines

Marketing and Sales Department:

  • Transtechnica’s Sales Department at operates on-site in three regions: Center, North and South

  • Each region has a salesperson who knows how to address customer needs and makes regular visits in order to help customers if necessary, to characterize or provide training and information on new products in the market

  • We have a customer hotline to handle sales and technical problems, including supervision by the company engineer on large projects

  • The Sales Department is also responsible for delivery to customers and we deliver everywhere in Israel on arranged delivery days and according to our customers’ needs

Import Department:

  • Our Import Department deals with the Company’s overseas suppliers in all aspects of available inventory

  • The Import Department checks that customer orders have reached the supplier and coordinates its requirements with the overseas supplier well in advance in order to prevent errors

  • Overseas suppliers visit Israel in order to familiarize themselves with the situation and solve customer problems if necessary, as well as to supervise large scale projects


  • Transtechnica has an available inventory warehouse to provide a fast response to our customers, including next day delivery of critical production and steam products

  • Inventory is management is computerized and is compliant with the PP&C and ISO 9001 inventory definitions

  • The warehouse also serves as a sales point for off-the-shelf products or urgent customer requirements